Edit the iPhone Clipboard With This Cydia Addon

As you might imagine from its name, ClipboardEdit for Notification Center makes it possible to edit the contents of your iPhone clipboard. The clipboard will contain the latest text that was cut or copied on your iOS device. ClipboardEdit actually adds a widget to the Notification Center that displays the text (if any) stored in your clipboard.

ClipboardEdit tweak Cydia

From there, you can edit the text in the clipboard or type something new and it will automatically be saved. The next time you use the paste function, your new clipboard text will be pasted. ClipboardEdit requires iOS 5 or later and a jailbroken device.

ClipboardEdit 1.0 comes to us free thanks to developer Ron Melkhior and is distributed on the BigBoss repo. To find the package, open Cydia and navigate to Sections -> Addons (Notification Center) or use the Search option. After the package is installed, the ClipboardEdit widget can be enabled or disabled under Settings -> Notifications. This add on has no settings or options of its own.

If there's no text stored on the clipboard, the widget will appear in the notification center as a blank, dark grey bar. Tapping the bar opens the keyboard and text can be entered directly into the clipboard. ClipboardEdit seems like it would be useful if you need to paste something repeatedly and you don't feel like messing with the little blue handles that appear in iOS to copy the text first. Other than that, we're not sure how much ClipboardEdit will boost productivity but it adds a completely new function to iOS.