Virgin Mobile USA to Offer Pre-Paid iPhone Next Month

Sprint is looking to sell as many iPhones as possible thanks to its deal with Apple. Now the company is moving to offer a pre-paid iPhone to customers through its Virgin Mobile brand in the US. The iPhone will be available on the carrier starting on July 1.

Virgin Mobile pre-paid iPhone

The announcement comes hot on the heels of news that carriers Boost Mobile and Cricket Wireless will offer pre-paid iPhones starting this summer. Cricket will be the first carrier to sell a pre-paid iPhone with no contract in the US. The company plans to begin offering the device along with a $150 subsidy on June 22.

When it comes to Sprint, the country's third largest carrier has a network covering 278 million people. Virgin Mobile uses this network, and widespread availability of a pre-paid option should help Sprint sell more iPhones. Sprint made a deal with Apple to sell $15.5 billion in iPhones over a four year period, which analysts say could save or sink the company.

Virgin Mobile did not announce pricing for the iPhone, however they currently offer a $35 per month unlimited data plan (with throttling over 2.5 GB of usage). Boost Mobile is also a Sprint brand, which plans to add the pre-paid iPhone to its roster starting in September. With the spread of the iPhone to more regional carriers across the US, the device is becoming ubiquitous. This is a far cry from 2007, when AT&T Mobility had an exclusive contract with Apple to carry the original iPhone.