More Regional Carriers Get the iPhone 4S

Now there are 13 different carrier choices for the iPhone 4S across the United States. Not only this, but Puerto Rico has joined in the fun with its own local carrier Open Mobile offering the Apple device. The iPhone has come a long way since 2007, when Apple had a deal with exclusive carrier AT&T for the iPhone.

iPhone 4S regional carriers

Oklahoma-based Pioneer Cellular is the latest regional carrier to announce support for the iPhone, and has started rolling out the device in its stores. Pioneer will continue to release the iPhone 4S at additional stores across the state every other week. Data plans with the carrier start at $30 per month.

Most of the regional US carriers are offering the iPhone 4S subsidized with a two-year contract for $150 which is $50 less than the major carriers. Puerto Rico-based carrier Open Mobile offers the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 without a contract, with the iPhone 4 starting at $285.

Here are all the US wireless carrier options now available:

Alaska Communications
Appalachian Wireless
AT&T Mobility
Bluegrass Cellular
Golden State Cellular
Nex-Tech Wireless
Pioneer Cellular
Verizon Wireless

Apple is sure to continue making deals with as many carriers as possible. Even T-Mobile could get the iPhone down the line, after it rolls out its next generation cellular data network with iPhone compatibility.