iFuntastic Makes Custom Ringtones and More Easy and Fast

Though the software has only existing for a little over a week, bitSplit, the creator of iFuntastic, has just released version 2.0. iFuntastic is a straightforward, easy to use, completely GUI based application that makes modifying your iPhone a breeze. Most importantly, it makes iPhone customization available to less technically inclined users who most likely were scared off by the hands on approach to modding your iPhone.

Take custom ringtones for example. When custom ringtones first became possible on the iPhone, initial tutorials included a 23 step process to perform the required hacks and get custom ringtones in place. With iFuntastic, it's all drag-and-drop simple. And, it's quick! No terminal work, no multiple pieces of software to install and setup.

Don't be mistaken, you're still hacking your iPhone, only iFuntastic is doing it for you.

So what's new in version 2.0? In addition to custom ringtones, you can also use iFuntastic to change your carrier logo or even reorganize the order of your home screen icons. All with the same ease as adding custom ringtones.

The only bit of bad news around iFuntastic is that it's currently available only for Intel Mac users. Hopefully a Windows version isn't far behind.

Links: download iFuntastic 2.0 from RapidShare / from iPhoneAlley


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