Easy iPhone Ringtone and Application Installation with iBrickr

Don't let the name of iPhone hacker NateTrue's latest offering scare you away. Though you might think so from the name of it, "iBrickr" isn't designed to "brick" your iPhone. Instead, iBrickr is designed to provide easy-to-use, GUI-driven management of ringtones and third party applications for the iPhone.

easy ringtone and application installation for windows with ibrickr

Of course, like all unauthorized iPhone software/hacks, there is some risk of having to restore or repair your iPhone. It's wise to understand the risks of modifying your iPhone before embarking on the task.

That said, for too long (yes, 1month is too long) the Mac faithful have had all kinds of cool tools - like iFuntastic and Installer.app - that make iPhone modding easy. On the other side of the aisle, the Windows folks have been left with iPhoneInterface or iPHUC and lots of command line hacking. Thanks to natetrue, Windows users now have a way to customize their iPhone that is, according to iBrickr's creator, "dead simple."

iBrickr offers advanced features such as custom sound management which allows users to modify system sounds such as keyboard clicks, lock/unlock, and more.

iBrickr is uses the PXL package format for third party iPhone applications. Installing new software on your iPhone (to be clear, these are software packages that run on the iPhone, not AJAX web applications) is as simple as downloading a PXL file for an application to your computer and installing it from the applications view in iBrickr.

iBrickr's website also hosts a repository for currently released iPhone applications in PXL format. Currently, there are about 30 applications in the repository, including games, utilities, eBooks, and more.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of iBrickr is the support. Using the 'send error report' button within the application you can send an email identifiying your problem or question and get a response back directly from the developer(s).

Visit the iBrickr website to download the latest version (0.6).



iBrickr is great. Worked fine for me on Windows XP. Fast and simple, only requires your phone and iTunes, it comes with all the hacking modules already like jailbreak, etc.

ibrickr is great had to do it 2 times but it works great now the second time i bypassed the 1step where i have to wait on apple to update and I already had Ibrikr installed on pc and it worked like a charm no need to go through the first few steps go straight to ibrickr and unlock the phone that way it will say sweet and then file app no problem for it to do .This is my own way I done it because the first time the app was unstable for the iphone but the second time it works GREAT .

My phone is already unlocked and working with 1.0.2. I am a bit leary/nervous to use the iBricker. Is it safe to use without locking the iphone in any way? If so how do you use it? Do you simply install it in Windows, start it and then plug in iPhone and you can copy ringtones etc. No aditional jailbreaking needs to be done?

Did you get an answer ? I'm interested too...

me, too. im very much interested. my phone is working with version 1.0.2 and i dont want to be locked up so im afraid to do ibrickr or any jailbreaking.

got one more question though, if im going to use ibrickr, do i need to restore my phone and do all that stuffs like jailbreak?


Hi, i also have my iphone working on 1.0.2 and i haven't had any problem with iBrickr, but obviously it needs to jailbreak your iphone but it does it all. The only extrange thing that i have noticed is that at my home PC it works perfectly, but at my office PC it does recognize the iPhone, but when i try to install any application it says it does but in fact it doesn't and i don't know why?

Any ideas?

hi there, I would like to ask you about the iphone. After i changed the sound for received sms through ibrick. My iphone will hang when i received sms. Pls help

um i installed it and now my iphone keeps on running a command line and crashing/restarting
can anyone help, or did i just rune my iphone somehow
oh and now my computer wont even find it when i hook it up
My iPhone is running a command line too and it just keeps restarting. I can’t hook it up to my computer

hey did you get you iphone fix if not halla bac i think i could help you out