Zombie Quest for the iPhone and iPad is a Fun Hex Based Strategy Game

Zombie Quest is a fun strategy game where you must defeat evil masterminds and their minions by outsmarting them in a turn-based board game. Players must use their werewolf soldiers and special abilities to takeover the battlefield to win. The game's increasingly difficult levels, various traps, achievements and fun cartoony characters is what separates it from other turn based hexagon strategy games.

iPhone Zombie Gmaes

In Zombie Quest players take turns moving their monster movie characters around a hexagon shaped board. Players can replicate their creature by moving one space, or transport their icon a few spaces to try and transform their opponent's monsters into their own. The player with the most monsters at the end of the game wins. The boards in Quest Mode get increasingly difficult with each level by adding traps, and harder challengers with different special abilities. Users gain an opponent's special ability each time they defeat them.

Zombie Quest isn't the most challenging strategy game out there, but it's a great time killer for one or two players. However, there are only five bosses with four boards each, which makes Zombie Quest a fast game to complete once you get the hang of it. I'm not sure I can recommend everyone spend $0.99 on the game, but strategy game lovers who are desperate for something to play probably won't mind dropping a buck on it.

The game is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac. The iPhone/iPod version is $0.99, the iPad version ("Zombie Quest HD") is $1.99 and the Mac version in $4.99.