Can I buy the iPhone 5 without a contract?

Can I buy the iPhone 5 without a contract?

It's not clear at this time whether or not Apple will offer to sell the iPhone 5 unlocked, as they did with some previous models.

One of the technical questions that might prevent unlocked, out of contract iPhone 5 sales is the fact that three different models have been produced to ensure LTE compatibility across different networks worldwide.

In the past, the iPhone has been available with no contract for an additional $400 above the subsidized carrier price. We will be watching Apple carefully to see if they begin to offer the iPhone 5 without a contract in the future.

UPDATE: Both AT&T and Verizon offer the iPhone 5 at full retail price with no contract when ordering on their websites. Verizon has an option to show pricing for "Month-to-Month" while AT&T allows customers to select "No Commitment".

UPDATE: T-Mobile is now offering the iPhone 5 (starting April 12th) contract free for $579 ($99 down and $20 a month for 24 months).


Strangely, if you continue through the process trying to buy the phone with no commitment, you'll see that inside your shopping cart there is a line item that says that the phone cannot be purchased without a plan.

That's what I'm seeing, at least.

As of now ATT is not allowing iPhone 5 to be bought without commiting to a two year plan. There is no option to buy iPhone 5 from ATT with no commitment.
You are either eligible for full discount and can buy the 16GB model for 200 or you can get limited discount and buy the same for 450. But you will have to commit to a two year plan. There is no option to buy this model for 650 with no commitment. Other models go up in price in 100 dollar increments as usual.

Absolutely correct! Same at Verizon. You can press the month-to-month button, the cart will change to 749$ for the 32GB version, but then you can't proceed.
Also tried AT&T and I can confirm that the no commitment option does not exist.
I even went to an AT&T store and they didn't even know bout the no commitment option online. They only new that they can't sell me an iPhone 5 without contract.
If anybody has exact instruction in case it is possible to buy the unlocked version somewhere in the US, please let us know.

they only list no-commitment price on their website for fools to check it out and drool over it, then leave while cursing. so sad.

Ebay sells them.

Yes, Ebay sells them, but if you are smart enough to call the store beind the phone you will realize that eventhough the phone comes without a contract it is still locked to AT&T or Verizon. There is no way around it unless you buy it in Canada which i will do.
Keep in mind you cannot modify a simple SIM card anymore, it has to be the new micro sim.

Hello I would like to buy iPhone. I am exchange student from Europe and I will bring this phone back to Europe.

We have different networks there, no Verizon etc..
So my question is. Can I buy here alone iPhone and when I come back to Europe, just buy sim card and use it?

And One more question, What exactly mean $200 for IPhone 5s?

Thank you very much.

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