How can I change the flyover view angle in Apple maps?

How can I change the flyover view angle in Apple maps?

Most of the gestures used in Apple's iOS 6 Maps application are pretty intuitive, but the 3D Flyover mode is a whole new mapping experience for iPhone 5 users. Of course you can pinch to zoom and turn your fingers on the screen to change direction in Flyover.

Some readers have asked how to change the view angle. This can be achieved by sliding two fingers up or down from the center of the screen. Sliding all the way up will show a view looking more towards the horizon. Sliding two fingers down brings the view closer to overhead, and will revert to an overhead view and exit Flyover mode if you drag down far enough.



Hi ! Changing the view angle by sliding two fingers seldom works on my iPhone 5. Very frustating.

What no Mac person tells you is that the 2 fingers should be aligned parallel to the top/bottom of the screen. Use your pointer and middle fingers and go straight up and down after not moving the map in any other way for a couple seconds. I had this same problem and they just kept telling me, 2 fingers slide up and down very non specifically.

Thanks a lot !!!!!!