Does the iPhone support A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth Audio)

Does the iPhone support A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth Audio)

UPDATE: Yes, as of the release of iPhone OS 3.0, the iPhone now supports A2DP.

Many of today's newer wireless devices (i.e. the Samsung Blackjack) support A2DP audio output. A2DP audio devices, such as stereo bluetooth headsets, offer high quality listening ability without those nagging wires. As the iPhone is birthed from the iPod, and is undoubtedly the most music oriented phone ever to be developed, surely the iPhone supports A2DP, right?

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this is not the case. As of firmware version 1.1.1, there is not yet support for the A2DP Bluetooth profile on the Apple iPhone.


If apple really did disable AD2P until their new headset hits the market, then here is one sale they can take off their list right now. That's just STUPID and inconsiderate to their customers. It's like delaying Christmas for 6 months because one of the 100 gifts you have to put under the tree is on back order. I think the rule of thumb here is that you don't piss off and alienate your customer base over a damn ACCESSORY!!! If apple isn't that shady, and it's only a matter of working out some software glitches, then apple needs to communicate that. Either way, I expect that update very soon.

I have had the displeasure of trying these 8bananas earphones and let me tell you they are CRAP! the sound is crackly, it pops in and out, I constantly lose signal, I have to keep the damn thing within 10 inches to get a reliable signal. Big thumbs down, don't waste your money. I'm dumping these in the bin.

Funny enough that it is impossible that you have tried the 8Bananas headset and dongle as it has not shipped as yet until next week ! I've ordered a pair myself to try. Thanks for writing a useless comment to those who need a solution to A2DP.


iPhone 8GB Unlocked using 1.1.1
Nokia BH-503 / JABRA BT150
Also working with 1.0.2


1. Pair your headset, make a test call to see if it works. End the call normally.
2. Dial *#307#, press call.
3. Press the answer button twice with 2 seconds delay in your bluetooth headset (If you don\\\'t do this correctly, you will continue to listen the ringtone in headset)
4. Press answer on iPhone.
5. Press the home button, do NOT end the call.
6. Open iPod and play a song, you won\\\'t get sound from iPhone, nor headset.
7. Once it is playing, press the home button.
8. Open phone.
9. Dial 0, press Call.
10. It will ring again, answer.
11. Press audio source, select your headset.
12. Press home button, do NOT end call. (we\\\'re almost there)
13. Open iPod and play anything you like.

Shorter Way:

1. *#307# Dial, press the bluetooth headset button twice.
2. Answer on iPhone, press source.
3. Select bluetooth headset.
4. Press home button, open iPod, play anything.

Now, you will get iPod playing through your bluetooth headset.

- MAY not receive calls ( u can answer directly to ur phone)

This works! Fantastic. Thanks. Using iPhone 1.1.2 and Sony wireless headset.

Hi I did the above, works great. But it only comes out of one speaker but I figure this is normal using this option? ...

I love how all the iPhone fanboys told me not to buy an HTC Touch, because the iPhone has "everything" you'd ever need in a phone. I'm currently listening to music on my Touch on my Motorokr S9 headphones in glorious crystal-clear stereo. Oh, and I got the phone, the headphones, and an 8GB MicroSDHC card for the same price as a new iPhone after all the rebates from Sprint and SanDisk.

Oh, did I also mention the streaming Internet Radio at bitrates upwards of 256k/sec? Without a hitch...

I love how sad trolls have to post on sites they obviously hate just to try and feel good about their pathetic purchase of something other than an iPhone. Wow. Sad. Just ... Sad.

This works with my samsung sbh170 but the other question i have is since your making a call does that mean your using your minutes???????

I am an iPhone user disappointed with Apple's greedy ways, not sharing the new Stereo A2DP protocol with other product makers :( Anyways, with all of the users out there who have developed certain ways to install apps to this device - why have they not used their ingenious abilities to find a way to enable this feature? I believe since it is definitely a simple add-on program that needs to be installed, that it can be done with a little elbow grease and maybe some 'donations' from many users begging for this amazing technology, in order to avoid the very annoying wires hanging and tangling, no matter what task they are involved in. The Palm Treo has an application called "Audio Gateway" which enables the A2DP/AVRCP for the Treo line of phones and is only $20, which sounds great, just as good as any wired headsdet. So I think if Palm can support the Bluetooth Stereo Headsets like my MotoROKR S9, the iPhone could have a similar app, that is if someone will make the effort to build it. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US!!!!! My reason for bringing this to the current forum is I know there has to be a few users who know these 'hackers' per se, or know someone else who knows somebody who can handle this task. ;-) Again PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP OF A NICE SIZE DONATION!!!

I can't believe you asked if you will burn your minutes when using a bluetooth headset to listen to music. Wow.

Dude...OMG...just return your are not worthy.
Go back to a rotary phone, and play your music from an 8-track player.

You're the one who needs to worry!....The other guy was RIGHT. He is making a CALL in order to use his bluetooth headset to listen to music. Key phrase = MAKING A CALL...This means he IS using minutes and it also means you're the idiot!

this method works on my 1.1.4 8 gig with the new Jabra 3030 the dog tag earphones volume could be better but it works. WTF does The *#307# hack do exactly becuase i saw it in an unlocker tutorial too.

Even better, start your music and go to the voicemail screen. This will move the music to the bluetouth don't even have to start a voicemail.....i'm listening right now to it. I am using a Plantronics pulsar 260.
Screen stays lit and it does not work with movies.

If I am currently using bluetooth technology through a car stereo with capable of HFP1.0. HSP, A2DP & AVRCP bluetooth functions - will I still be able to sync my iPhone to the car stereo for hands free talking while driving?

I've recently located my car stereo's model through the company website and found the compatability schedule for mobile devices. Apple is listed as being compatible with this particular stereo's bluetooth system for being hands free while making calls.

Sony MEX-BT2500
Apple iPhone can sync with this stereo to recieve, close and redial. Voice is output through car audio. It will not, however, allow me to play streaming music through the iPhone or skip tracks.

Are you sure iPhone works with MEX BT 2500 ? Mine does not sork with MEX BT 2600...

Hello all, i just purchased an iPhone 3G (version 2, whatever) and i am sorry to say it does not support A2DP. I just tried to play stereo bluetooth through the S9 headset i just bought and it does not work. Like others have stated, it will do all the phone features, just not stream music. From the reading i've done on this forum i understand that the iPhone has the hardware to do A2DP, but it is disabled for whatever reason. There are two main points i would like the throw out there:
1. Im sure the firmware patch will come out eventually to enable the A2DP function for the iPhone, so just be patient.
2. I just wore the S9 headset for about an hour and it was absolutely killing my head. I have tried many bluetooth headsets, most were regular bluetooth and some were stereo bluetooth, all of which were uncomfortable to me. If anybody knows of a really comfortable stereo bluetooth headset id like to hear about it. Also i have a large head, like 7 5/8 inches so that may play into it.


Sony Ericsson's HBH-DS970, or their updated HBH-DS980 headset.
I've got the DS970, and it's served me well with a couple of phone models (all but my iPhone 3G, that is). They come packed w/3 different size cushions, and they're adjustable enough to share w/a nearby friend, if you so choose. :P
Mine have suffered from some cosmetic damage, as the nylon(?) sheath has worn away at certain stress points, but all the funcionality's still there.
Do a google search to read up on 'em.

Check out the JayBird bluetooth stereo headset. Small, comfortable, and only a wire between the two ear pieces.

They also sell a small stereo bluetooth dongle to enable stereo streaming from your iPhone. Yes, it's lame to have to spend another $50 bucks for the bluetooth adaptor to be able to listen to music from your iPhone that already has bluetooth!! Come on Apple!!!!

I have tried the S9 but currently i have the Motorola HT820 headset. I killed the S9s with sweating and working in the sun! However, the HT820s are a black foam padded headset that rest comfortably on the outter-most part of your ears. They do a good job of keeping the sound close to your ears without feeling loads of pressure and causing discomfort. They are bulkier than the "earbud" design of the s9 but lightweight, wireless and less cumbersome: an overall good design. The rechargable battery/standby life is nearly doubled and I had gotten them from for $42.00. So when Apple unlocks the A2DP capabilities(fingers crossed- as Apple prefers to be the sole developers of any apple product) these ear phones do a music big head (hat size is exactly the same) justice!

I am a Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Addict, based on my experience with Bluetooth Headphones -
Try using Sony DR-BT50 - It has a very soft leather ear cushions and will not make your ear sweat because it has a small ear cushion. And it is not to bulky and can easily be folded into a small case.

The only problem is - the controls are not to user friendly for 1st time users.
But it offers the loudest music output for all available stereo bluetooth earphones - a whooping 112 decibels for 17 hours! It has an adjustable headband but I do not know if it will fit your big head? I think it will..

But if you really want a BIG bluetooth stereo earphone - try the new Jabra BT8030 - It will definitely fit that head! It is the 3rd loudest stereo bluetooth with 96 decibels (2nd loudest is JBL 610 with 104 decibels). The good thing with Jabra BT8030 is - it can play for 32 hours and can also doubles as a Bluetooth Speaker Phone. The downside to BT8030 - it is really HUGE!

So now with the big news from WWDC 2009 about iPhone 3G S (and all other news / updates such as Snow Leopard) did I miss something or does the iPhone STILL not support stereo bluetooth headphones?

I'm thrilled that bluetooth HAS been opened up for tethering so that you can use your iPhone to connect your bluetooth enabled computer to the internet, but I sure can't wait to stop having wires from my earphones tug on my ears when my jacket gets snagged on them!

Will this stereo Bluetooth work on my 07 Camry and if so how do I do it ?

what u can do is get a bluetooth transmitter for the iphone sony makes one and then u can use the bluetooth stereo headset when u plug it in a message will pop up saying this device is not meant to work with the iphone but it will work.

Iphone OS 3.0 and greater support the streaming stereo audio over bluetooth profile A2DP in every app.

It sure would be nice if all these countless old "it can't be done" articles could be changed to say "YES, IT CAN NOW".


Jabra now makes at least 2 MONO headsets that will stream any sound from your iPhone 3Gs using A2DP profile. No tricks, no traps, no dongles, it works. And for all of the Hi-def. boys out there. I know that you can't get "true" stereo sound thru a mono earpiece, but it is sure great for audiobooks, gaming in a crowded airport while you are waiting for a flight with nothing better to do, or listening to your recorded meeting minutes. It is effective, but not cheap. The Jabra Stone, will run you 129.99 currently only sold by AT& they got the monopoly on great hardwear and crappy networks, I have no idea.