CallBar Brings New Features to Jailbroken iPhones

CallBar version 2 has brought a slew of improvements and bug fixes to the popular jailbreak tweak for iPhone. The beauty of CallBar is the ability to initiate or answer a call without interrupting your current activity. Assigning the tweak to an Activator gesture will provide easy access to its functions from anywhere, while answer-in-place makes it possible to pick up a call without exiting the current app.

CallBar tweak Cydia

Essentially CallBar reworks the look and functionality of the incoming call screen. Not only this, but iOS 5 users will notice that CallBar brings several iOS 6 features to their devices, such as call reminders and reply with text functionality. Settings are comprehensive and you can make CallBar active for voice calling, FaceTime, or both.

CallBar version 2 also provides full iOS 6 support for those running the latest firmware on their jailbroken device. You can find CallBar on the BigBoss repo in Cydia for $3.99. Here's a complete list of what's new in CallBar version 2:

- iOS 6 support
- Integrated iOS 6's “Reply with Message” and “Remind Me Later” hangup options. Tap the phone or FaceTime icon on the incoming call banner to view options menu
- iOS 6 “Reply with Message” and “Remind Me Later” options available for iOS 5 users too.Ability to define reply messages for when hanging up a call in Settings.
- Call-back options scrollview added to lock screen.
- Dismiss view on lock screen changed to table cell
- Added option to use CallBar for all outgoing calls, including phone numbers on pages, dial commands from Siri and Bluetooth headsets.
- Improved visual representation of remote calling party
- Added tap to answer. Swiping right on incoming call banner still answers.
- Added color options for extras views and the keypad in Settings
- Improved minimized view
- Improved show/hide animations
- No longer rings after the call has been dismissed once
- Adjusted the label’s width to fit the screen and display more text if needed.
- Improved tap handling on banner with excellent precision
- Removed buttons for incoming call banners
- Drastically improved all UI, buttons, backgrounds, labels, etc.
- Removed Skype and Viber handling
- Added DTMF commands handling to Dialer (e.g. *#06#)
- Dialer can initiate Facetime calls to emails from Recents or Favorites
- Dialer can handle calls initiated by Bluetooth headset
- Added localization for 19 languages

The release also includes a long list of bug fixes that improve the user experience. CallBar gives the iPhone exactly what it needs, more calling functionality to make you even more productive when using iOS 5 or 6.