Save $100 on an Apple iPhone - Buy Refurbished

Though we're a bit surprised to see them already available, Apple is now offering refurbished Apple iPhones for purchase via their online store.

refurbished iphones now for sale

The refurbished models are available in both the 4GB and 8GB models and come with a $100 discount as compared to their brand-new counterparts. That means that you can get your hands on a 4GB for $399 and an 8GB for $499.

If you've been holding off on buying an iPhone because the price is just a bit too high for your conscience, perhaps the $100 savings might give you the justification to treat yourself.

What's more, you can purchase without worry. As all refurbished iPhones are Apple certified, they come with the same warranty as new iPhone.

Shipping is free and Apple is offering 90 days of tech support with the refurbished iPhones.