Software Fix for Dead Pixels in Your iPhone LCD

One of the best features of the iPhone is the absolutely beautiful screen Apple adorned it with. The LCD on the iPhone features rich colors, sharp contrast, and excellent resolution that makes reading even tiny text a breeze. Unfortunately, the beauty of the iPhone screen makes it that much more painful when dead or pixels show up. Luckily, there may been a quick and easy fix.

fix dead pixels on iphone lcd

Though reports of dead pixels on the iPhone haven't been rampant by any means, they haven't exactly been rare either. Thankfully, most reports indicate that Apple has been very willing to

replace models with truly dead pixels. However, often what appear to be "dead" pixels are in fact what are known as "hot" (permanently white) or "stuck" (permanently red, green, or blue) pixels.

A new application by an individual known only as Knox is offering a potential fix for malfunctioning pixels in your iPhone LCD. The application is an AJAX/HTML based webapp and does not require any type of hacking to be performing on the iPhone.

The stuck pixel fix works by rotating hex values to change the colors of pixels on your screen at a high frequency. The goal is to excite a potentially stuck pixel and release it. There's obviously no guarantee that the fix will indeed fix your stuck pixels, but there are many reports of success and for many it's certainly worth a shot before heading into the store.

Oh, and the best part about the fix? It's free. Head to the Knox iPhone Stuck Pixel Fix from your iPhone to give it a try.

According to the author, the fix can generate some heat while exciting the pixels of the iPhone's LCD, but won't cause any harm. As with any unauthorized iPhone product or service, use at your own risk.


... it is NOT FREE ! it's 1.99 $ to be precise !!!