The Latest Apple Secrets Coming Your Way September 18th

Everyone always assumes that the latest "under-wraps" product news is coming from Apple each time they announce a media event/press conference. Usually, this turns out to be true. This time, Apple's all but promising that this is the case. The only thing left to speculate is what secret(s) is to be revealed?

mum is no longer the word

Apple will be holding a press conference, which they have informally titled "Mum is no longer the word" , at their Regent St. Apple store in London on Tuesday, September 18th. Invites went out late this week to various members of the UK press, and as expected the buzz was instantaneous.

Most people assume that Jobs will be announcing a 3G iPhone, while others think the news will bring a 16GB iPhone. As always, everything is tightly under wraps and everyone has their opinion of what we will and won't see come Tuesday.

Pressed to guess at which will be coming, we'd venture to say both: a 3G iPhone with 16GB of capacity. The 16GB is easy. The iPod Touch, which is nearly identical to the iPhone in form and size, is set to hit stores any day now and it comes in a 16GB flavor. The only question remaining is whether or not Apple has solved the issues surrounding 3G and battery life. The UK market is unquestionably more in need of a 3G iPhone than it's American counterpart.

As always, wait, wait, and wonder.