5 top celebrity stickers: Justin Bieber and more


Stickers are little images or animations that you can use to decorate text in the Messages app. Some include little messages or just images that you can send alone as a standalone text. Celebrities have really embraced Stickers on iOS releasing packs that you can purchase or download for free. Here are 5 of the most popular celebrity sticker packs available on the App Store:

You can download sticker packs directly from the App Store or open your Messages app then tap the App Store icon next to the iMessage bar. Tap the App Store in the App Tray to search for available sticker packs. Stickers are different than the images available in Images section of your App Tray.

Justmoji ($1.99) Love him, or hate him Justin Bieber's official sticker packs is one of the most downloaded on the App Store. The pack includes hundreds of GIFs, stickers and expressions you can use to enhance your conversations with friends. The app is updated with dynamic and instant updates that include more exclusive stickers.

Ellen's Emoji Exploji ($1.99) Ellen DeGeneres' sticker packs is so popular it has its own game show where people have to guess the sentence spelled out with Ellen emojis. The pack comes with images and animations featuring the talk show host.

ARIMOJI by Ariana Grande ($1.99) Filled with cute caricatures of pop star Ariana Grande, this sticker pack features "emojis, stickers, and GIFs for every m00d." 'Nuff said.

TyTyMoji by Tyra Banks ($0.99) Tyra Banks is a walking emoji, or joke, depending on your point of view. Her sticker pack is full of Tyra GIFs and fashion related images.

Jimojis by Jimmy Fallon ($1.99) Over 40 stickers featuring Tonight Show catchphrases and characters, from Hashtag The Panda to Sara from "Ew!".