Nokia Ad Campaign Lashes Out at Apple

Nokia recently revealed a new ad campaign which promotes their devices over Apple's by criticizing Apple's stance on locking their devices. Primarily targeted at the iPhone, Nokia has begun promotion of their new campaign by hanging posters in major cities which feature slogans such as "the best devices have no limits" and "phones should be open to anything." The image below, snapped by a MacRumors forum user, was seen in New York city.

nokia anti-apple phone locking campaign

Nokia's suggestion that Apple is cheating customers of their rightful access to their phones is perhaps perfectly timed. Over the last week, countless iPhone owners who had performed unauthorized "hacks" or modifications to their iPhones, such as

unlocking their phone for use on another GSM carrier other than AT&T, had their devices rendered useless by the latest software update. More importantly, current information suggests that this was full intentional move by Apple.

iPhone owners have been urged to update carefully until more is known about the latest firmware version.


I support Apple 100% in releasing updates as promissed and not supporting a gazillion hacks on the iPhone. Apple is protecting its brand name and image. When you buy an iPhone, you buy into an elevated standard that is well worth protecting for all iPhone owners.

Most people whining are opportunist/scalpers who wanted to buy the all the iPhone at launch day one and then resell them for 10 times the price on eBay or sale hacked versions in foreign countries for 10 times the price.

When Apple Stopped them at the launch by distributing enough for everyone the scalpers got angry. When Apple does not support their hacks with the update they got angry again because they are stuck with iPhones that they can not resell abroad for huge profits.

Note that these opportunists/scalpers are not adding value, they are lowering the iPhone's standard and image by selling crippled, unsupported and substandard iPhones for other carriers. These substandard iPhones would make it difficult or outright impossible for Apple to deploy new features as planned if Apple had to support every hack out there. When these hacked iphones break with no support, it will give the brand a bad name.

As for Nokia, they are just beginning to feel some competition from

They can expect much more competion globally soon.

Time will tell.

Wow somebody's been brainwashed. People buying the iPhone are paying for the hardware not the apple dictatorship. Do you really think this deal between Apple and AT&T is for the good of the consumer? the only parties that are benifitting from it are Apple and AT&T. If there wasn't huge sums of cash exchanged between the two Apple would sell their hardware free of restrictions as it was designed.

You wouldn't happened to have and apple logo tatooed on the back of your neck do you?

Phone's should never be permanently locked to a network, this takes away freedom of choice. EU actually has a law against not providing an unlock solution for phones because they realized that the consumers deserve a choice.

I Agree!

I'd have to agree and disagree with the first post. Apple is notorious for making elegant and well put together hardware, such as the hardware we call "iPhone", but when you look at the percentage of mobile phone users in the world, it's kinda hard to just try to jump on the bandwagon of being a wireless carrier and not be open. Amp'd and Helio tried this and you see how that worked out.

And the blame of people try to re-hack for profit, is abroad on any level as we have seen in the past with HDTV,PS3,Xbox360, the openess and hack issue is the AT&T only thing. I support apple, and support the iPhone as it is a really great device, but had it been sim ready for ANY sim (since Apple is not (or not yet) a wireless carrier and know to be "loners" quarterback into a deal to lock it to one outsider, which means yes, I paid my $3-600 for the hardware and supported apple, but now i have to hack it as I love Apple, but hate AT&T and for the money I spend on it, I should be able to use it with whatever service atm...

And Nokia ... as the iPhone is a marvel of genius, Apple can never take Nokia's fame in the cell phone market as I really do not EVER plan on seeing a $39.99 iPhone. Apple gears for bucks, but as the WORLD is 90% normal people who can't just run out and buy a $400 phone. but a Nokia.. High end or low end, as Motorola and others, have nothing to fear especially with the likes of LG Prada and HTC Touch out there on the market..

I like the iPhone, but not going to use it forever...