Virgin Mobile Launches iPhone 5s for $549 and iPhone 5c for $449

Virgin Mobile is now offering the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c for a $100 cheaper than the normal SRP. The Sprint subsidiary launched the iPhone 5s today for $549, and the iPhone 5c for $449. The 16GB models are now available at Virgin Mobile retail stores or at

Virgin Mobile iPhone 5s

Virgin Mobile fans can also nab the 32GB iPhone 5c ($549), the 32GB iPhone 5s ($649) and the 64GB iPhone 5s ($749) at All 32GB models and up are only available online.

Virgin is offering its "Beyond Talk Plans" with all its iPhone models. The plans start at $30 a month and include unlimited messaging and data.


I am looking for an iphone 5(5c or 5s does not matter) with 32 gb and is locked to virgin mobile and new. I have looked everywhere and no one has 32 gb. any tips on finding one?