How much is the Virgin Mobile iPhone 5s?

How much is the Virgin Mobile iPhone 5s?

Virgin Mobile launched the iPhone 5s on October 2, 2013. The phone is paired with Virgin's Beyond Talk plans, which start at $30 a month and offer unlimited messaging and data. The iPhone 5s is also unsubsidized, meaning you have to pay full price for the handset. However, Virgin is currently offering all models at $100 less than the SRP.

Storage Unsubsidized
iPhone 5s 16GB $549
iPhone 5s 32GB $649
iPhone 5s 64GB $749

Beyond Talk Plans

Price Anytime Minutes Messaging 3G Data
$30 / month 300 minutes Unlimited Unlimited
$40 / month 1200 minutes Unlimited Unlimited
$50 / month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


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