Almost 150,000 iPhone Owners Jailbreak with One Step "AppSnapp"

A few days ago we told you about AppSnapp, a single-step process for jailbreaking iPhones running firware version 1.1.1 that doesn't require a PC and improves the overall security of your iPhone. With all that going for it, it comes as no surprise that AppSnapp was, to say the least, very well received by the iPhone community.

According to iPhoneAtlas, in the three days that have elapsed since AppSnapp was released and made available to iPhone users via, almost 150,000 users have used

the service to jailbreak their iPhones. In fact, all likelihood is that by now well over 150,000 users have used the AppSnapp solution, considering the time that has elapsed since iPhoneAtlas originally reported the news.

Unfortunately, it seems that the team behind AppSnapp has received only around $1,500 in donations for all their hard work. If you have used, or plan to use the AppSnapp service to jailbreak your iPhone, please considering donating.