PC Magazine Names Top 10 iPhone Accessories

In case you were wondering how to round out your holiday shopping with iPhone accessories and add-ons, PC Magazine just released their list of the best complements to the Apple iPhone in their list of the Top 10 iPhone Accessories.

aliph jawbone bluetooth headset

Since there's no clear indication of what the criteria were for making the list, chances are these are just the editor's favorites. Either way, they might give you the inspiration you need to choose the right present or stocking stuffer for the iPhone junkie on your list.

Here is a summary of what made the list from PC Magazine, in no particular order:

  1. Jawbone Bluetooth "Noise is Nothing" headset
  2. The Apple iPhone dock/charger
  3. MarWare QuickView iPhone case
  4. iSkin Revo iPhone case
  5. Incipio Bikini iPhone case
  6. Macally mClip iPhone stand/clip/case
  7. DLO Jam Jacket Silicon iPhone case
  8. Gomadic rapid travel/car charger
  9. Belkin Sport Armband iPhone athletic armband case
  10. BoxWave Screen Puffs
Our favorites amongst the group are, without question, the Jawbone (read our review here), the Belkin Armband, and surprisingly - the iPhone Dock. Though many of the others that we've played with are interesting and come as nice additions to the iPhone, these three stand out as not only stylish, but incredibly useful. Honestly, who's gotten more quality use out of anything iPhone accessory than the Jawbone?

Most notably missing from the list is the invisibleSHIELD iPhone screen protector. We've kept no secrets as to what proponents of the invisibleSHIELD we are, and are shocked to see it absent from the PC Mag list. You can read our review of the invisibleSHIELD here to find out why.

As far as the head scratchers go, we've really only got a bone to pick with the Incipio Bikini. Those of you who own (or, presumably, owned) one of these cases will probably understand our bewilderment at the inclusion of the Bikini on this list. Besides looking ridiculous, the Bikini is terrible un-functional and awkard. What were you thinking, PC Magazine?


Agreed, the Bikini is utterly useless.

I couldn't live without my Jawbone, however, and the DLO is a great case!

i jog with the belkin 5 days a week, hasn't failed me yet. I love it.

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