How can I check available disk space on iPhone?

How can I check available disk space on iPhone?

Knowing how much storage is available on an iOS device can mean the difference between shooting a video and a disk full error. iOS requires a minimum amount of free space to run properly.

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Checking available storage in iOS can be done in a few different ways:

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Usage to list how much space each individual app is using.

Navigate to Settings -> General -> About to see a summary of free space and the number of media files on an iOS device (Photos, Videos, Songs, and more).

Jailbreakers can navigate to Cydia -> Manage -> Storage to graph free space on each disk partition on an iOS device.


i checked this and it says i have 97.0MB in music. is this because of the 5 radio stations i have saved in music? Have a I-4. I have been desperartely trying to free up space to to download 8 and when i delete stuff it barely if any moves to more space. is there an other folder in the 4 phone? i cleared my cookies and no change

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