How do I delete a news source / mute an author on Flipboard?

How do I delete a news source / mute an author on Flipboard?

UPDATE: It turns out some authors can't be muted. Here's why according to Flipboard Support:

Flipboard Faqs

Flipboard allows you to customize your profile with subjects you're interested in, but it does not allow you to select what websites and news sources make up your feeds for individual categories or "boards". Luckily you do have some control over the news outlets that you want to read. Flipboard offers the ability to "mute" authors you dislike. Here's how:

Flipboard Faqs

1. Tap the icon or name of the author at the bottom of any article on your Flipboard.
2. Tap the first icon in the pop up box.
3. Select "Mute..."
4. Confirm that you want to mute that author and you're finished.


I've muted an author using this method on my ipad mini. I go into my account, and it does show them on my "muted" list. However, that author still shows up in my cover stories feed - I muted them yesterday, and yet they make up two full pages of my cover stories feed today. How do I remove them from my feed entirely?

I'm having the same problem. I have contacted Flipboard to find out why muted authors are still appearing in a user's feeds.

I updated the post above with Flipboard's explanation as to why you are having trouble muting some authors.

I have the same issue. Soccer channel ruined for me with all the low quality feeds from soccerly, soccergod. Interestingly these low quality feeds also comes in high volume, so good articles are buried under them and hard to flip to. Really annoying.

Hallelujah. Seeing the occasional article in by Flipboard feed was like having segments of the Enquirer dropped in my lap. But I was able to Hide ALL articles by clicking on the text bubble icon, then on the head-and-shoulders icon, and then selecting Mute. Bye-bye, Salon!

Thanks. I'm having the same problem with Salon. Hopefully your solution works. It will help my blood pressure lol

Hope this works for women's health. I don't need five reasons his penis is making me sick or nine beauty tips from my cat.

Long press title, select tuning option and then select mute. Works for me.