What is the iMessage video length limit?

What is the iMessage video length limit?

As iPhone owners already know, iMessage overcomes many of the limitations of standard MMS. iOS users can send high quality photos and videos to other iOS devices with Apple's free service. These iMessages do not count as a carrier text message, however they use data plan MB.

So is there a limit to the video length that can be sent via iMessage?

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Depending on the file size, iMessage videos are limited to around 3.5 minutes in length. Exceeding the size limit results in the iMessage being marked "Not Delivered" in the Messages app.

To successfully send the video, trim the length and re-send.


False, ive sent full anime episodes from my mac to my phone through i message.

Wrong, there is a limit on newer iphones/ios and it won't let you send videos longer than ~3min through txt or email