Apple Releases iTunes 7.6.1

Apple released a new version of iTunes today, version 7.6.1. The new version of iTunes is available as either a direct download, or through iTunes' software update. This new version of iTunes isn't considered a major update, by any means. According to Apple's release notes, the update seems to provide some minor bugfixes, and feature additions which enhance compatibility with Apple TV 2.0.

Apple TV users will be anticipating a largely reported bug in which syncing content to the 2.0 boxes takes what many describe as "forever", but there's no word on this yet. Also, at this point, it is unclear which - if any - of the "several bugfixes" that are included in iTunes 7.6.1 pertain to the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The update is 44.1MB in size, and as mentioned previously, can be downloaded directly from Apple if you choose not to update through more automated means. To download iTunes 7.6.1, you can follow this link.

Should you stumble on any new features or bugfixes in iTunes 7.6.1 that pertain to the iPhone or iPod Touch, be sure to let us know about them by sending feedback via our contact form.