How much storage does the Apple Watch have?


Finally a stub about this. There is nothing on their website about it. I feel like the watch will have no space for music and whatnot but will instead just stream and sync with other devices. This would suck and turn me off getting one. Wasn't planning on getting one until the 2nd or 3rd gen anyway. Then they'll have this sorted out and hopefully a much better battery.

Everything gets stored on iCloud, tardlett. I'm currently using only a fraction of the amount of the 200 GB plan and I pay close enough in the month. I use it for all my pictures, music, backup software, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPhone. I also just got the new AppleTV but I'm not sure exactly how it works if iCloud yet but I know I have enough storage. You have to stop thinking of how storage was used in the past and start getting in the presence of your kind of funny because now everything you know is stored on the cloud as they would say .

When you think you are living in the past what is that called?