Apple launches National Parks activity challenge

National Parks Apple Watch 2022

Apple caps off its week celebrating America's National Parks by launching this year's limited edition Activity Challenge award. Apple Watch users can earn the award on Saturday, August 27 after completing a walk, run, hike, or wheelchair workout for a distance of a mile or longer. Recipients of the award also get animated stickers that can be used in the Messages app.

Apple park ranger sticker 2022

This year's animated stickers include a park ranger with binoculars, a frog, and a singing chickadee. Apple Watch users will be notified of the challenge before it kicks off. The challenge can also be completed using Apple Fitness+. Subscribers to Fitness+ can participate in Time to Walk workouts and enjoy a variety of live-streamed training classes tied to health metrics and workout tracking recorded by the Apple Watch.

Any workout app that logs activity using Apple's Fitness app is capable of unlocking the National Parks activity challenge, provided the Apple Watch logs the activity. Apple has offered a celebration of US National Parks annually every summer since 2017.

All this week, Apple has been donating $10 to the National Park Foundation for every Apple Pay purchase at its online store, in the Apple Store app, or at its retail locations. Apple is also offering curated content in Podcasts and Maps to help celebrate the National Parks.