iPhone Mail not Working Under Jailbroken 1.14, Possible Fixes

A number of users who have upgraded and jailbroken 1.1.4 are reporting that the Mail application stops working properly after the upgrade and/or jailbreak is complete. These reports of a broken Mail.app come in a variety of forms. For some users, Mail crashes when they attempt to open it. For others, it simply fails to download any new messages. Still, for others, Mail crashes when attempting to read a message.

Regardless of the particular symptoms your Mail is experiencing, should your Mail.app be broken after upgrading and/or jailbreaking 1.1.4, here are some possible fixes:

Fix permissions on your mail folder

1. Via SSH, or whatever method you prefer, connect to your iPhone and enter the filesystem
2. navigate to /var/mobile/Library/mail
3. set permissions on your mail folder to 777 (via 'chmod -R 777 *)
Install SyncFix via Installer.app
1. Open Installer and add the iClarified source (http://installer.iClarified.com)
2. Install SyncFix (under dev 1.1.3)

Perform a Restore to fresh 1.1.4

If all else fails, try throwing your iPhone into Restore mode and upgrade to a fresh copy of 1.1.4. Users are reporting that when all else has failed, they were able to get Mail working again by restoring their iPhone.

Be sure to make sure your iPhone is fully backed up before restoring.

If you have any other methods of fixing Mail issues under 1.1.4 or other related experiences, be sure to post them here.


I got my mail working by following these instructions

Restore iphone to 1.1.4, don't restore settings (Backup)

launch mail (make sure it works), exit. restore settings from itunes.

Sync fix worked for me.

Worked for me too. My mail app wouldn't launch. It just crashed and returned to the main screen. Hooray for SyncFix.

SyncFix worked here as well.

Worked for me fine. I did have a little panic attack when I saw that I couldn't see my accounts but then I realised that I had disabled them all apart from the main account in an attempt to sort the problem out earlier.

I just used Ziphone to open my 114 phone and experienced all my gmail only downloading partially. Used SyncFix (113) to fix mail. Works like a charm!!'

sync fix from iclarified works like charm :D

Syncfix worked for me too... didn't even have to sync or restart my phone.

I tries synfix, but the mail is still failed to launch when i try it returns back to the homepage!!!, any help!!, that happed after i used 1.1.4 unlock and jailbreak

Now here's the crazy part - I HAVE restored to a fresh, unjailbroken 1.14, and mail is STILL BROKEN. Now what, jailbreak the phone to fix it? That seems weird.

Went through the same thing. Setting the permissions worked for me.

Sync fix worked for me too. Jupiiiiiiiii!!!

Yes! The Install SyncFix (under dev 1.1.3) IS WORKING! Thanks a lot!

I never had the problem before, but I was nearly forced format the whole thing. Thanks, you are a time saver!

Hi, wel my iPhones mail app just quit working recently so I searched all the forums I could find and strategically followed all of the instructions, but STILL had no luck. After installing MailFix 1.1.3 and SyncFix I was still experiencing problems with my mail (and YouTube, as well!). So since neither fix worked, I unistalled them. And that's when I REALLY became depressed because not only was my mail not working but it dissapeared. I no longer have the icon on my SpringBoard and when I try to email a picture, it doesn't even give me the option. So, I thought I would go to settings and Modify them, but the Mail option wasn't there EITHER! It's like unistalling one (or Maybe both) of those two Fixes resulted in me Uninstalling my Mail app feature COMPLETELY. Please try to help me get my mail back, I REALLY MISS MY MAIL, that was Just about my favorite feature !
Also, I really don't mind restoring my phone as long as i can keep my photos and videos I took! I don't know how to Backup any of my files, so if it isn't too much trouble will you tell me how to do that or give me a link to a Decent tutorial?!


I hope you got ur phone fixed. I had the same problem as yours. But I just installed SyncFix and my Mail started working like charm..... Try doing that....

All the best...

Thanks a million,

(permission via SSH)

Thanks a lot for the suggestion and my Mail started working .... its 1.1.4 firmware......

Have a great time!!!

The Syncfix didn't work for me, but downloading MobileFinder from Installer and changing the permissions on the Mail folder did!! Just select the folder and turn on all the permissions! Thanks everyone - thank god my MailApp is back!

All I've got to say is thank u! This has been going on for a while for me even though I've restored, we're now in 3.1.2 and I've got to say the changing permission trick to 777 worked perfect!
hehe I was of course doubting it would work because 1.1.4 is so way back but it did xD. Good luck!

i still dont get it... on which folder(s) do i have to change the settings to 777?

it worked for me too

All the directories and files had owner mobile and group mobile
All the directories had permission 700
All the files had permission 644

These things didn't seem to help:

disabling all the accounts
forced powerdown/reboot
chmod -R 777
deleting the whole Mail folder
deleting all the accounts
recreated my me.com account

Lastly, did a normal power down/reboot.
Hot damn! Success :-)
Not sure what fixed it (or what broke it either)
Probably better to reboot after each change

Now need to some more accounts back again.

Here are a few details of the original problem:

2009-12-05 16:15:27 +0800,109,CF537515-C28B-443B-848F-9C875FB10585,96,MobileMail,0x8badf00d


Incident Identifier: C0B2AE06-B966-4C6E-8FD2-7AD5D132ED20
CrashReporter Key: 6d9f2db952f8b89012ac9af8605705e80408dd8b
Process: MobileMail [3624]
Path: /Applications/MobileMail.app/MobileMail
Identifier: MobileMail
Version: ??? (???)
Code Type: ARM (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [1]

Date/Time: 2009-12-05 16:15:26.328 +0800
OS Version: iPhone OS 3.1.2 (7D11)
Report Version: 104

Exception Type: 00000020
Exception Codes: 0x8badf00d
Highlighted Thread: 0

Application Specific Information:
com.apple.mobilemail failed to launch in time
elapsed total CPU time (seconds): 1.660 (user 0.740, system 0.920), 8% CPU
elapsed application CPU time (seconds): 0.450, 2% CPU