How do I get Siri to read my emails and texts to me?

How do I get Siri to read my emails and texts to me?

This is a great feature that doesn't seem to be too well known. Simply say to Siri, "Read my messages," or "Read my emails." If you have multiple emails, she will read the time and subject of each one. You can also say "Read my most recent message/email." In this case she will read aloud the contents. You can also ask if you have an email or message from a specific contact. This feature is especially useful for when you're behind the wheel and can use the "Hey Siri command".



As you said, Siri can only out the full contents of the single most recent email, and the subjects/senders of the most recent 25. She then says "that's all I have" - which is clearly a lie :)

Frustrated by this and the lack of a good email text-to-speech app available, I decided to make my own app - the result is Speaking Email which can read out email from any mail server, and is optimised for safety while driving by requiring no interactions and enabling some simple eyes-free gestures. If you are interested in listening to email while driving then try out for iPhone.

Thanks!- tried speaking email and its excellent at reading out emails & avoiding the sender's email sig / signing off text. However it is a paid app.