$249 Refurbished iPhones Back on Sale at AT&T

In mid March, AT&T held a short two-day sale on 8GB refurbished iPhones at a low price of $249, hoping to attract new customers with the luster of an affordable iPhone. It worked swimmingly, with the available phones selling out in under 24 hours. By day two, bargain iPhone hopefuls were greeted by an offer for the full price, factory fresh iPhone instead of the reduced price refurbs.

refurbished 8gb iphone

Well, a couple months later, AT&T is back at it again. While stock is available during the next two days, AT&T will be selling the 8GB iPhone for the same price as in March - $249. AT&T is also selling the 16GB iPhone in refurbished fashion for $349. Both are significant reductions from the everyday price of the iPhone, and are also $100 cheaper than

the price at which Apple sells the same factory refurbished iPhones.

The refurbished iPhones may sell out even faster this time around as getting your hands on a new iPhone has become near impossible at this point. Retailers in the US and UK reported earlier this week that they were sold out of both the 8GB and 16GB models. So, for those who are still hoping to get their hands on an iPhone, this may be the only game in town.

Refurbished iPhones are sold with the same warranty as new iPhones, so for all intents and purposes, these refurbs should be "good as new". The relative fullness of the warranty limits the inherent risk to the buyer when purchasing a refurb.

So, if you're still looking to get your hands on an iPhone, you can do so by visiting AT&T's refurb page, and do so at a steal.


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