How do I uninstall / delete Apple Music?

If you have updated your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad to iOS 8.4 then there is no way to uninstall or delete Apple Music from your device, but you can avoid paying the monthly subscription fee by following these instructions:

1. Open the Music app on your iPad or iPhone.
2. Tap the Profile icon in the upper left hand corner.
3. Tap View Apple ID.
4. Enter your Apple ID password.
5. Scroll down to "Subscriptions" then tap Manage.
6. Tap the Automatic Renewal slider so it is OFF.

You will always have access to the free tier of Apple Music as long as you're running iOS 8.4 or later, even if you disable the Automatic Renewal option.

Installing Apple Music does not delete your personal music library from your device. You can still find the albums / songs you've purchased from iTunes, or uploaded to your device under the My Music section in the Music app.


The new graphics and layout really stink, and there's no way to go back. I don't need colors and and all that, I need to SEE my library the way it was. Why did it change?? I didn't even ASK for apple music, why did it come with 8.4?? Now I can't sign in and delete it, so I'm stuck with paying 10 bucks more a month forever? Somebody help me, please.

Music is junk - I want to delete it and get back to iTunes - at least with iTunes I could play by Genre. With Music I have to create Playlists which is so much bleeping work and is going to take so bleeping long! I guess all that money I spent on Music at the iTunes store is all wasted because I can't get Music to work the way I want it to.
Oh, and BTW, there is no Automatic Renewal slider so there is no way to turn off this piece of crap.

Apple music is, was, and, like herpes, will continue to be a big steaming pile of shit forced upon its users, and for my money, was nearly, after being with apple since iPhone 3, the reason to switch to android. BUT, fear not, by turning off all that apple music, iCloud shit, I'm once again able to put my 3 or 4 hr podcasts back on, with out having to upload to the iCloud and then redownload again, oh, and also the music I've collected from 3rd parties. Fuck you apple, nice try though, you dishonest pack of cunts.

Regarding step 6 ... there is no "Automatic Renewal" slider.
The page I have is a choice ... tap "Your membership" telling it's active, the the date for the Free Trial then renewal options.
Any hints?

This apple music subscription is it for me. Ive had an apple iPhone from the iPhone one and have been building my music library ever since. I cannot access it without paying apple 9.99 a month????? Fuck me. Ive tried to Unsubscribe and followed all steps only to find no "cancel subscription" button like apple support tells me. If this phone wasn't such a closed loop piece of shit id attach a picture. How unethical Apple. Thanks for the memories ...... Im done.

AppleMusic is a very frustrating piece of junk app. The fact that it was foisted on me as I did a routine IOS update is totally unacceptable to me. No warning that it would totally change my music experience on my phone. I can only shuffle songs by talking to Siri? Why? That is annoying and useless. I can only access certain songs? Huh? "Play offline" Hello? I already paid for this music, how am I now not able to use it? And then the coup de grace -- you are charging me 20$/month for this annoying piece of junk? No warning about a fee? How ethical is that? This is enough to make me go to android with my next phone. I hope someone at Apple is actually reading this and taking note of the fact that you have a LARGE NUMBER of dissatisfied customers out there. Not to mention the fact that when I try to follow the instructions listed above for unsubscribing, my screen doesn't look like that. I better not be getting charged 20$ for this!!!! I AM A VERY UNHAPPY AND DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER AT THIS POINT!!!!!!!!!!

I can stand apple music, it makes me download music I have already paid for to play offline. It continually cuts in and out so I can't listen to a complete song! The slide thing mentioned above is not on my phone, tempted not to update my iPad because of apple music. I will definately switch to android if this isn't rectified!!!

I agree 100%. I have a huge library of transcribed classical CDs that I cannot now access. This is terrible.

Ok here's my complaint : I want to COMPLETELY banish apple music, and also the music app from my iPhone. I'm an happy user of Spotify since day one and there's no way I leave them for this gas factory named "Music". Now my problem is that when I start my car with my iPhone connected with Bluetooth or cable, the default app that will launch is APPLE CRAPPY MUSIC and it'll play every time the same track instantly. This is NOT what I want. I would like to erase this program to free some space on my phone. But I CERTAINLY don't want it to launch instead of Spotify. I even tried to disconnect from Apple Music and removed my itunes login from it, but every time I plug the iPhone to my computer it'll eventually fill these infos again, and BANG I'm connected again. This is so incredibly frustrating. Please Apple let me do what I want with third party apps. Do not be rude and force me to do things I do not want to do.

I don't like Apple Music as I prefer to buy my songs / albums. For those not signing up to it, they still have to use the Apple Music app and can only access their own music if they have internet. I've paid for that music, I want to be able to listen when I want whether I have Internet or not.
I have selected make available offline but this doesn't help.

This was not expected of Apple. Have just purchased an iPhone 6s and very disappointed with the way Apple Music was foisted on me, and that too at a fee. A lot of my friends have moved back to Android for the easy portability it offers in syncing music. I suppose I shall be joining them soon.

I was about to upgrade to an iPhone 6 and an iPad Project, but not now given the unsolicited imposition by Apple of Apple Music on my current iPhone. Any thoughts on the best Android devices for ease of synchronising my music across different devices?

Apple Music is by far the worst app I have ever tried to use. Can't delete songs from it, can't delete the app, can't unsubscribe, can't stop it from playing every time I get in my car and it connects to Bluetooth, not only is this app useless but it is frustrating and aggravating. I'm so done with Apple products and all their stupid updates taking up space on my phone that I don't want or need. Definitely switching to another smart phone with my next purchase.

i cant agree more. i wonder how many thousands of customers apple is going to lose with this new app. they certainly lost me

the layout of the new music app is so remarkably terrible. I'd rather have a zune. I'll be switching to any other product when this phone dies. if it aint broke dont fix it. by cramming this GIANT PHALUS of an app down my throat unsolicited, apple has convinced me switch to any other device. this is like the damn u2 album all over again except this time it cant be made invisible or ignored.

ive stopped listening to music on my phone because this app is such a pain to use. also im generally not one to rage on forums but....

fuck you apple

I can't believe you would sneak Apple Music into an update and now I can't play my music because YOU don't have the permissions. It's downright rude and despicable that Apple continues to treat it customers as mere sources of money. I thought it was bad enough that the jacks changed and all of our accessories, that we paid your exorbitant prices for, became obsolete. Now I can't even do something really simple like play my music. You need to let us know how we can circumvent Apple Music and get access to ALL of our music. I see a lot of people ready to go to android and I'm no exception. You can believe I'll be bring my business and colleagues along with me.

On my iPhone 6s plus installed help