Can I use Apple TV with two remote controls?

ATV models

The Apple TV can be paired with one remote control, however doing so makes other remotes unrecognizable to the Apple TV. To use multiple remotes (two or more) with one Apple TV console, the unit must be unpaired with one remote. To unpair an existing remote follow these steps:

On the Apple TV navigate to Settings -> General -> Remotes -> Unpair Apple Remote.

Alternatively, you can press and hold the Menu and Left buttons on a paired remote for six (6) seconds. This will automatically unpair the remote.

Once the paired remote is no longer paired, the Apple TV will begin to recognize any compatible remote control.



If, instead of going through any menu options, you simply hold down the menu and left button on the new remote, it will also pair. You are then able to use two Apple remotes simultaneously paired with the Apple TV (mine is 2nd Gen. model).