Live news section comes to Apple TV app

TV app iOS

Looking for live news on the Apple TV? Apple has added a dedicated news section to its TV app, which appears on tvOS as well as iOS devices. Owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can easily access a variety of live news sources, streaming video and coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics. The TV app helps to consolidate content from a variety of third-party streaming apps.

Watching news

The news section appears under Watch Now, and includes sources such as Bloomberg, CBS News, CNBC, CNN and Fox News. Watching streams directly in the TV app skips the process of opening individual third-party apps to scan for content. Some apps will need to be installed prior to streaming in the TV app. If an app is missing, the TV app will prompt to install when a source is selected.

Watching sports

The TV app recently brought a live sports section to tvOS and iOS users. The sports section makes it possible to easily follow your favorite teams and leagues. Both sports and news in the TV app are linked to the Single Sign-On for your selected TV provider.

For even quicker access, ask Siri to watch news or see a game. Apple initially showed off the news feature when it announced the Apple TV 4K last fall. To see news under Watch Now make sure your Apple TV or iOS device has firmware version 11.2.5 or later installed.