iTunes Movie Trailers moving to TV app

iTunes Movie Trailers app

Apple has announced the integration of its long-standing iTunes Movie Trailers app into the TV app, marking the end of an era for one of the original Apple applications. First launched in 2011, the iTunes Movie Trailers app will now become part of the TV app. The transition comes with the emergence of a new banner on the iTunes Movie Trailers website, boldly declaring the TV app as the new hub for accessing movie trailers.

This development has been noted by users on Reddit, who saw the appearance of the same banner within the iPhone and iPad versions of the iTunes Movies Trailers apps. To complement this shift, Apple has initiated the introduction of a distinct "Movie & TV Trailers" section within the TV app's interface, currently in development on the Apple TV platform. A shared screenshot on Reddit depicts the refreshed design, presenting an organized grid layout of trailers for users' convenience.

This new section is nestled within the "Store" interface of the TV app, which might not be immediately obvious to users, potentially limiting its discoverability. Interaction with the original iTunes Movie Trailers iPhone app gives no results, indicating that the migration process is still a work in progress. Apple is expected to end support for both the standalone trailers app and its web counterpart in time.

Despite the transition, Apple remains committed to providing a dedicated avenue for browsing trailers within the TV app. Apple continues to push for a unified ecosystem where all content resides within the TV app. Movie trailers were important to Apple's history, particularly for showcasing the quality of video on Macs. Since then YouTube has become the dominant video streaming platform.

The iTunes Movie Trailers app has received limited attention from Apple since its launch way back in 2011. With only 16 software updates over its lifetime, the latest version 1.4.4 added an Apple Watch icon five years ago in 2018. The iOS app now displays a rotating banner stating "Apple TV app is the new home of iTunes Movie Trailers." Apple has not made any official comments on the transition.