Netflix and the TV app: Perfect together

TV app Netflix

When Apple's TV app was announced it promised to unify the viewing experience for streaming content across the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Not only does TV make it possible to pick up a show exactly where you left off, but the app brings content from a variety of different apps and sources into a central place. Notably absent from TV at launch was Netflix, however this has all changed.

The TV app is a work in progress, and Netflix customers will be happy to know that integration with the subscription streaming service continues to improve. In fact, Apple is currently deploying direct Netflix playback right in the TV app. This means no more jumping to the Netflix app to pick a show and start watching. The seamless transition between Search and playback of content from Netflix joins that of other services such as HBO Go.

There's still work to be done, as Netflix content doesn't show up in the recommended section, but the improvements are a sign of good things to come. TV launched with iOS 10.2, offering four different sections: Watch Now, Library, Store and Search. Siri integration makes finding content across multiple apps easy and quick. Thanks to the single sign-on feature, apps that require a cable subscription are automatically logged in.

As mentioned before, Netflix was not included in the TV app when it initially launched. In similar fashion, the full potential of single sign-on has yet to be realized, as some major cable providers have not joined on. As more content providers support the feature it will make watching TV easier for Apple device owners. Watch for deeper Netflix integration with the TV app in the near future, which will make catching your favorite shows fully seamless and convenient.