How can I stop my iPhone from asking me to install iOS updates?

One of the nice new features of iOS 9 is that your iPhone will automatically download the latest iOS updates without interfering with anything else you're doing. Then it will ask you politely if you'd like to install it. But what if you're busy? It'll ask again. And again, and again, incessantly until you allow it to install it. What if you want it to stop? Is there a way to turn off update remidners and just wait until you are ready?

install iphone update annoying question

Thankfully, yes. The answer isn't clearly spelled out anywhere, but is relatively simple. Unfortunately, if you're not ready to update, stopping iOS from constantly asking you to install the update means removing it from your phone. But don't worry, when you are ready, the download is usually fairly quick and painless.

To stop the nagging requests to install the update, do the following.

  1. Go into the Settings app.
  2. stop iphone asking install ios update
  3. Go to General > Storage & iCloud Usage
  4. stop iphone asking install ios update
  5. Go to Manage Storage (under "Storage" not "iCloud")
  6. stop iphone asking install ios update
  7. Select the downloaded iOS update (i.e. iOS 9.2) in the list
  8. stop iphone asking install ios update
  9. Select Delete Update



Actually, this is pretty much a useless answer as, if the iPad is online at all, it will just download the update again and start nagging again.
Apple, in their infinite stupidity, can't think of a reason to not update. Well, I can.
I am saddled with this iToy for work. It has apps related to flight safety installed. Until the IT department can confirm that all necessary apps will function with the update, we can NOT install it. We can, however, be continuously nagged because someone thought it would be a good idea, and an even better (read STUPIDER) idea to prevent users from turning this annoying feature off!
Blocking the Apple server is not an option, as we use these on various wifi systems around the world. Turning off wifi until the update is approved won't work, either, as it is necessary for loading flight plans, viewing documents and updating other time sensitive flight data.
So, does anyone have a real solution?
Barring that, can anyone find the twit responsible and line him or her up against a wall?

To stop it downloading the update automagically, and therefore causing the update message to appear, go to Settings, iTunes and Appstore, and under Automatic Downloads, unselect Updates.

I have deleted multiple times and have updates unselected. However that is still not stopping apple from forcing their update on my phone. Utter crap.

This stupid functionality brought me to desperation and I deeply hate Apple now.

So what I'm getting here is that there is no way to stop this insanity. My storage is mostly full and apple's repeated download attempts are always crashing my phone when I need it the most. You've lost your way apple, you used to be the cool alternative company and now you lead the way on bloodsucking corporatism. Next phone I'm buying is a Samsung, you guys suck

When a new phone is about to come out ios update comes out. Do not update. Apple does it to cause problems with your old phone so you have to buy a new one. It happened to me.

I could not be any more disappointed with Apple. After updating my device to the latest iOS, much of my saved content is missing and I’m in the middle of retrieving over 20,000 images that I once had on my device and use on my device for work, delaying an already very and busy and stressful workday. Without warning, it’s as if I’ve been given a new phone without proper instruction. I will not invest into Apple anymore.

Yep, my company is so fed up with iPhone and it's non business friendly environment and support costs, we are doing away with company phones. Too much hassle and Thank Goodness I can go get a Samsung.

Step 1. Go to Settings> General on your device;

Step 2. Select “Storage& iCloud Usages”;

Step 3. Go to “Manage Storage”;

Step 4. Locate the nagging iOS software update and tap on it;

Step 5. Tap on “Delete Update” and confirm that you want to delete the update.

There is a way to stop it once and for all (this post is essentially a useless post as the iphone will keep downloading the update when it gets back on wifi).
Look at the size of the update before deleting it. Then remember it and delete it.
After that download a bunch of useless but heavy apps until the available space in your iphone is less than the update size. This prevents the downloading of the update.
Finally if you need more space delete the useless apps as needed, but never have more available space than the size of the update.

so im fighting with same issue since weeks
my problem is i have a really shitty connection and i am playing an online game so when the darn update is dl-ing the game is unplayable because of lag
i tryed everything saw many forums and nothing rly worked
finally i tryed this way (used my space till its 500 mgb free only) and then stopped (delete) update from storage
still on the next morning i wake up and i see my space going down slowly
i check the update is not downloading but still it looks like a second instance (invisible) update is dl-ing without even showing it
i try to manually click download and instal but it says there is not enough space so the update cannot start downloading but still game is laggy
i have the game also on a pc android emulator and i can clearly see there if i have lag or not
so i connect the phone to the wifi network and lag starts
then i disconect and the lag on pc stops right away
also from storage i can see my free space fulling up slowly (few mgbs a min)
i dont rly care about the update will be dl-ing or not i just dont want it to suck up my connection
so my question is how to stop this second instance of invisible update from dl-ing since this method of fulling up the space is not helping me

Run your phone out of memory with media and leave only 1GB left for operating purposes. Works like a bliss.