What item do I give Dandy Rick in Pocket Mortys?

Dandy Rick

After winning 16 badges Dandy Rick will ask you for more fuel for his car. You need to craft and give him a Dark Matter Ball to help him out. You can look up the crafting recipes for a Dark Matter Ball here. It requires that you craft a Dark Energy Ball first.

In the second-to-last side quest in v.1.o of the game Dandy Rick will ask you to craft him a new car battery. You can help him by crafting and giving him a Microverse Battery. This will allow you to complete the Dude, Where's My Rick side quest.


probobly a microvese battery, made from a super charged battery a mother bord and a dark matter ball, google image pocket morty recipes

No it's not i tried

Should probably mention that this quest isn't really worth it. He gives you a morty chip (used to catch mortys) valued at 500 which you can buy from the shop.

dark matter ball