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Pocket Mortys

Besides defeating the council and recovering your portal gun the main goal of Adult Swim's Pocket Mortys is to collect all 82 Mortys. There are two main ways to do this. You can capture Mortys in the wild with a Manipulator Chip after hunting and wearing them down in battle, or you can use coupons to win random Mortys at Blips and Chitz. Coupons are available as IAPs or you can win them throughout the game for defeating other trainers and by completing side quests. You can also combine two of the same Mortys to evolve them into a new Morty. This is a great way to add higher level Mortys to your roster and unlock Mortys that are not so common in the wild. You can learn more about evolving Mortys by visiting our Combination Guide. Below is a complete checklist of all the available Mortys in the Pocket Mortys universe and tips on how to find and collect all the different types of Mortys.

You can read all our Pocket Mortys FAQs here. There are tips on how to find Manipulator Chips, how to complete side quests, crafting recipes and more.

Mortys Guide

Wild Mortys

Wild Mortys

All Mortys, except Egg Morty, The One True Morty and Mascot Morty, are available in the wild. Wild Mortys can be found wondering around the random worlds of the multiverse when you enter the main portal at the Citadel. Each level normally features around 4 to 5 Mortys. Capturing Mortys after you complete the game is a lot easier because you will have use of your portal gun.

Egg Morty

You will receive an Egg Morty after completing the New Chef in the Rickchen side quest. Egg Morty is the only Morty who evolves by leveling up. It begins at level 5 and can only use Harden making him almost impossible to use in battle to gain experience. The best way to hatch your Egg Morty is to use Level Up Mega Seeds. These Seeds become easier to acquire as you advance in the game. Once you get your Egg Morty to level 19 use a Level Up Mega Seed to advance to level 20 an it will hatch into The One True Morty.

Cronenberg Morty

Cronenberg is the only Morty is the only Morty, besides your original Morty, who does not have a rock, paper, scissors type assigned to him.

Mascot Morty

Mascot Morty is the final Morty you will face to win the game. At this time you can't capture a Mascot Morty due to a bug that will be fixed in a future update, according to the Pocket Mortys Twitter.

Update: How to find Mascot Morty once the bug is fixed.

Gotta catch 'em all

If you spend your time playing the game, farming items and replaying levels to gain experience you will have the bulk of the Mortys you need to complete your collection by time you finish the main story. Remember, Manipulator Chips become really easy to obtain as you advance in the game, so don't be stingy with them. Don't be afraid to capture multiple Mortys and combine them. You can recapture the ones you have evolved to be a completist later down the line. And most important, you can continue collecting Mortys and training them after you finish the main story. It has been confirmed that there will be an update with even more Mortys to collect, so make sure you're ready by training all your Mortys for their next adventure.

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Cronenberg Morty

#79 is Cronenberg Morty


Don't forget about Morticia! She doesn't have an assigned element either.