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Kingdom Rush Vengeance Achievements Guide

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Intro

Kingdom Rush Vengeance was released on November 21, 2018. The game follows the wizard Vez’nan as he embarks on a journey to get revenge on the King of Linrea, King Denas. Version 1 of the game includes over 50 achievements for players to complete. Below is a list of how to solve the Easter egg achievments, such as locating the T-800 or putting Borney to sleep. Please post your solutions in the comments. All achievements will be tested and added when confirmed.

Get the most Miitomo rewards possible with these five tips


While many expected game developer Nintendo’s first foray into the world of mobile apps to be a mobile version of one of their famous game properties, instead the famed studio gave us Miitomo.

What is Miitomo? Well...that’s a very good question.

Miitomo is a lot of things, but mostly it’s an avatar management app that allows users to create and customize digital characters called Miis. You won’t have to constantly check-in on your character and manage their everyday life to ensure their well-being like in similar games such as the Tomodachi series, but rather will be able to use your Mii persona to socialize with online friends and other random players. Additionally, you’ll be able to participate in a rotating series of minigames that will reward you with virtual currency used to customize your character.

5 tips to help you become a Stack master


If there are two things that we can all be sure of regarding the iOS gaming app Stack, it’s that this game isn’t going to be dropping off the most downloaded charts anytime soon, and that it will inevitably frustrate new players with its surprising levels of difficulty.

Stack may just be a game where you place one block atop another, but the margin for error is razor thin. Perfection is the name of the game, and that means you can expect a pretty steep learning curve if you want to set a truly impressive high score.

5 tips to help you master managed to make quite a splash when it debuted as a web browser game last year, but ever since it was featured in the latest season of House of Cards this curious little game has sprung up the charts as a top iOS app.

So what is It’s a game where you start off as a small colored cell that must eat smaller cells (including other players) in order to grow larger. The goal is to become the biggest cell on the map and reach the top of the in-game leaderboard and of course to avoid getting eaten yourself.


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