Apple Tips of the Week: Get more out of Apple TV, podcasts and Miitomo

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Check out this week's tips to get the most out of your fourth-generation Apple TV. You can easily find live TV with Siri's help, or travel to an exotic location without leaving the couch. However, redeeming Apple gift cards will require an iPhone, iPad or a trip to iTunes on the computer. Discover new podcasts with the free app Aurora, and maximize your Miitomo rewards with a few simple tricks.

Get the most Miitomo rewards possible with these five tips


While many expected game developer Nintendo’s first foray into the world of mobile apps to be a mobile version of one of their famous game properties, instead the famed studio gave us Miitomo.

What is Miitomo? Well...that’s a very good question.

Miitomo is a lot of things, but mostly it’s an avatar management app that allows users to create and customize digital characters called Miis. You won’t have to constantly check-in on your character and manage their everyday life to ensure their well-being like in similar games such as the Tomodachi series, but rather will be able to use your Mii persona to socialize with online friends and other random players. Additionally, you’ll be able to participate in a rotating series of minigames that will reward you with virtual currency used to customize your character.

Apple Weekly News Roundup: Apple turns 40, releases iOS 9.3.1 update

iPhone SE

Apple celebrated its 40th anniversary last week, highlighting a history of innovation since its founding on April 1, 1976. As the company marked this milestone, investors and Wall Street analysts digested the iPhone SE release and the US dropped its encryption case against Apple. On the software front, iOS 9.3 was updated to fix a web link bug, and Nintendo released its highly-anticipated Miitomo app. Here are some top headlines from the week in Apple.

Nintendo's Miitomo is now available on the App Store


Nintendo's first mobile game, Miitomo, is hard to review (especially since it is so new). It is a communication app where you create a mobile Mii character (or import an existing one from your Wii U or 3DS) to interact with other players. You do this by building a base personality for your Mii and then answering questions about yourself. When your Mii is finally completed he/she will share your answers with other Mii characters that you invite to be your friends. That's basically it. You can earn Miitomo coins to spend on additional clothes and accessories, and link your Miitomo account to Nintendo's new Platinum Points rewards program.

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