How to make playlists on Podcasts for iPhone

How to create playlists in Podcasts for iPhone and iPad.

If you are an avid podcast fan then you should know how to queue episodes from a variety of shows, just as you would make a playlist of your favorite music. You may not want your show to end and automatically start playing the next episode, especially if it is a hit-or-miss type show. Even worse, you don't want your show to end and then start playing another episode that you've already heard. Curating playlists is essential for long car trips and flights - who wants to have to spend time searching for another interesting podcast to listen to, especially when they are driving?

5 alternatives to Podcasts for iPhone

Podcast managers and players for iPhone and iPad.

The native Podcasts app on the iPhone, while completely functional, leaves a lot to be desired for some users. It does not offer the most intuitive user interface and the layout just seems a bit confused, but the real deal breaker is the woefully underdeveloped playlist system - you can't even view your playlist! If it works for you, by all means stick with it, but if it grates on your nerves a bit, there are plenty of other third-party options out there. Here are five to check out that might suit your tastes better than Apple's Podcasts:

The Podcast App

How to delete downloaded Podcasts on iPhone

Podcasts iPhone storage

Many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners don't realize how many podcasts are downloading automatically and are stored on their devices. These podcast episodes take up valuable storage space, but they can be easily managed. Checking to see how much storage has been used by the iOS Podcasts app and deleting unwanted podcasts only takes a few steps.

How to clear your Apple Podcasts app and save storage space

Podcasts Storage

Apple's stock Podcasts app is a great way to follow and support your favorite podcasters, but it can also be a drain on your storage. Subscribing to a podcast through Apple's app automatically downloads new episodes to your device. While this is a great feature to keep you updated with all the latest episodes, it is also a strain on your device's storage capacity. You can navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to see just how much space your Podcasts app occupies on your device.


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