How to clear your Apple Podcasts app and save storage space

Podcasts Storage

Apple's stock Podcasts app is a great way to follow and support your favorite podcasters, but it can also be a drain on your storage. Subscribing to a podcast through Apple's app automatically downloads new episodes to your device. While this is a great feature to keep you updated with all the latest episodes, it is also a strain on your device's storage capacity. You can navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to see just how much space your Podcasts app occupies on your device.

How to use chapters in Podcasts on iPhone

How to view and jump chapters in podcasts on iPhone and iPad.

Apple's history of support for chapters within podcasts has been shaky at best, going through several versions of limited support over the past several years. iOS 12 improves the Podcasts app handling of chapters, making it a useful feature - finding a point that you want to hear again, or skipping a part that you're not interested in are much easier tasks to accomplish now, rather than blindly scrubbing through. Of course the podcast producers need to implement chapters for you to make use of them, but if you have one that does have chapters, here's how to view them on iPhone and iPad:

How to unsubscribe from a Podcast on your iPhone or iPad


The Podcasts app on your iOS device can quickly fill up with episodes if you're subscribed to a lot of different shows. Sometimes you'll have to clean house to keep your episode list manageable and to save space on your device. First you'll need to decide what shows you no longer really listen to. Navigate to Podcasts > Library > Shows to see a list of podcasts you're subscribed to.


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