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How to create stills and duplicates of Live Photos in iOS 9.3

How to duplicate photos in iOS 9.3.

The new Nightshift mode stole the show with the recent release of iOS 9.3 and, after that, most attention focused on the new ability to password protect the Notes app. While those two were the main attraction, there were plenty of other smaller changes and additions including tweaks to News, Health and CarPlay.

Apple Weekly News Roundup: Apple turns 40, releases iOS 9.3.1 update

iPhone SE

Apple celebrated its 40th anniversary last week, highlighting a history of innovation since its founding on April 1, 1976. As the company marked this milestone, investors and Wall Street analysts digested the iPhone SE release and the US dropped its encryption case against Apple. On the software front, iOS 9.3 was updated to fix a web link bug, and Nintendo released its highly-anticipated Miitomo app. Here are some top headlines from the week in Apple.

Apple Weekly News Roundup: iPhone SE, iPhone 8 (yes, eight) and more

iPhone SE

It should come as no surprise the latest Apple headlines mostly revolve around new products announced at Apple's media event in Cupertino. In other news, Netflix admitted throttling video streaming to AT&T and Verizon customers. Speaking of AT&T, they are now offering free Wi-Fi calling from anywhere in the world. Check out the latest highlights from the week in Apple.

What devices support the new iOS 9.3 features?

iOS 9.3 Preview

All you hear about are all the great bells and whistles that are coming every time Apple releases a new beta for a major iOS update, but when the final version finally arrives people with older devices discover they can't access most of the promised new features. Trying to figure out what new features your device supports can be confusing. For example, on Apple's iOS 9.3 preview page it says you can "sort notes by date created, date modified, or alphabetically." This is true, but all the other new Notes features are found within the Notes app, while the sorting feature needs to be setup in the Settings app. New iOS 9.3 users could waste an entire day trying to find the "Sort Notes By" section if they have never used the Notes settings before. If you didn't think to check the Settings app you may have convinced yourself you're going crazy, or that your device doesn't support the new Sort By options.

8 new 3D Touch shortcuts coming to iOS 9.3

iOS 9.3 will feature several new 3D Touch shortcuts.

iOS 9.3 is just around the corner and it will introduce several new features such as Nightshift and secure Notes, as well as some improvements to CarPlay. There will be plenty of bug fixes and smaller improvements as usual, among them will be several new 3D Touch shortcuts for some of the stock apps that should make using them a bit simpler.


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