How much does the iPhone SE weigh?

Is the iPhone SE heavier than iPhone 8? How does the iPhone SE weight compare to iPhone 8? What is the iPhone SE weight (1st generation vs. 2nd generation)?

iPhone SE 2nd gen weight

iPhone SE (2nd generation)

The 2020 iPhone SE weighs 5.22 ounces (148 grams). The iPhone SE is almost exactly the same weight as the iPhone 8.

iPhone SE (1st generation)

iPhone SE weight and dimensions

The iPhone SE weighs 3.99 ounces (113 grams), which is just shy of a quarter pound.

Since the iPhone SE design is almost identical to the iPhone 5s, they are similar in weight as well. In fact, the iPhone SE weighs one (1) gram more than its predecessor.

The smaller form factor and 4-inch screen net the iPhone SE some weight savings over its larger cousins. Here are weights for the current iPhone lineup compared:

iPhone SE: 3.99 oz (113 g)
iPhone 6: 4.55 oz (129 g)
iPhone 6s: 5.04 oz (143 g)
iPhone 6 Plus: 6.07 oz (172 g)
iPhone 6s Plus: 6.77 oz (192 g)