How do I move a note to my iCloud or new folder?

Notes created on your iPhone can now be moved to your iCloud account if you need to free up space. Here's how:

In the Notes app there are two main sections listed in the Folders section: iCloud and On My iPhone. You can move notes stored in the On My iPhone section to iCloud by tapping the Notes panel listed under the On My iPhone section. This will allow you to see all the notes stored directly on your device.


From here you can move a single note by swiping left and selecting "Move," or you can move multiple notes by tapping the "Edit" button on the top right hand corner. To move multiple notes either tap the "Move All" option, or select the circles next to the individual notes you want to move then tap "Move To..."

Move Note to iCloud
You can then tap the Notes panel under the iCloud section or tap the Folder name where you want to move your notes.


I am trying to move my notes from iPhone to iCloud and it's not working. I go to my iPhone noted and I hit edit but the only button that comes out is delete. How do I move or copy which I really want to do my note to iCloud?