Wibble Wobble: How do I unlock Hidden Stage 7 in Shopper's Row?

How do I unlock Nird in Wibble Wobble?
Get 6 or more bonus balls.

Hidden Stage 7

Nird is located in Hidden Stage 7 in Shopper's Row. To unlock Nird and Hidden Stage 7 you need to get 6 or more bonus balls on Stage 90. This is hard a hard task if you do not have Dracunyan or Signiton. Dracunyan makes getting bonus balls easier because he can bite into Wib Wobs to make replicas of himself giving you lots of Dracunyan Wib Wobs to connect for a better chance at creating a bonus ball. Signiton makes two bigger Wib Wobs by thumping his tummy. These can normally be combined with additional Wib Wobs to easily create a bonus ball.