Wibble Wobble: How do I unlock Hidden Stage 13 on the Excellent Tower?

How do I unlock Hidden Route 13 on Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble?
How do I unlock Robonyan in Wibble Wobble?

Hidden Stage 13

Hidden Route 13 is a hard one to crack because by this point you have probably stopped using Jibanyan in favor of stronger Yo-Kai, but you will need to call on your old friend to unlock and friend Robonyan. To open Hidden Route 13 and unlock Robonyan you need to finish Stage 158 with Jibanyan's Soultimate move Paws of Fury. Just surround Jibanyan with your strongest Yo-Kai and take down Alloo and his buddies with PAWS OF FURY!

Robonyan is a hard Yo-Kai to friend. He only likes Chocobars, which only makes him like you a little. Prepare to battle him many times before he joins your team.