What products work with the Home app on my iPhone?

The Home app is a standalone app introduced in iOS 10 to act like a central hub for all HomeKit-enabled devices. HomeKit was introduced in iOS 9 as a way for iPhone and iPad users to control smart home products, such as Philips Hue's smart lightbulbs. Up until iOS 10, iPhone and iPad users had to rely on third-party apps, like Home - Smart Home Automation, as a way to control their HomeKit-enabled products. The introduction of the Home app allows users to ditch third-party apps in favor of one way to control all their smart accessories. iOS 10 users can also quickly access their favorite accessories or favorite scenes through Control Center in iOS 10.

Most HomeKit-enabled items feature this badge on the product packaging to identify that they work with your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.0 or later.

Apple HomeKit Badge

HomeKit-enabled devices are available through online retailers such as amazon.com or directly through apple.com. Here's a list of some popular HomeKit-enabled devices (click links for current prices):