Free Benchmark on iPhone Security Released by CIS

The non-profit Center for Internet Security (CIS) has released a free benchmark on iPhone security, currently the only document of its kind. The full benchmark is available on the CIS website and only requires a free registration for download.

The purpose of the benchmark is to educate iPhone users and network administrators on the best ways to protect sensitive data on the device. The document provides over 20 recommendations and instructions regarding iPhone OS settings, Safari and iPhone Configuration Utility settings, strong password creation, and secure data destruction.

CIS chief technology officer Blake Frantz said the iPhone presents "security challenges" for business. Some corporations, such as Kraft Foods and Oracle, have many employees using the iPhone. Others, like Bank of America, have cited security concerns as a reason for not using the device.

CIS develops security benchmarks with input from 150 members in the private sector, government, academia and security organizations. There have been over one million downloads of CIS benchmarks in the last year.

The iPhone benchmark is designed for iPhone OS 2.2.1 and iPhone Configuration Utility 1.1.043.