Best iPhone 7 water test videos

The YouTube community is obsessed with breaking stuff. There is an entire channel dedicated to crushing random objects with a hydraulic press, a channel that only focuses on cutting random objects open to see what's inside and so on. Apple's iPhone 7 has offered YouTubers a new challenge with its IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. This means that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is completely protected from dust and other solid materials, and it can be submerged in liquids as deep as 1 meter (about 3.28 feet) for up to 30 minutes. But can the iPhone 7 withstand the ocean, coffee and how deep can it really go?

The video posted above pits the iPhone 7 against the Samsung Galaxy S7 in a deep water test. The channel EveryThingApplePro, who enjoys shooting and dropping Apple products, lowered both devices into the ocean at increasingly lower depths to see "How Deep Before it Dies." The iPhone 7 isn't really built to go on deep sea adventures. It is designed to withstand water splashes and spills, rain and accidental submersion.

The Galaxy S7 on the other hand carries a higher rating of IP68 certification. This means it allegedly can withstand continuous immersion up to 1 meter, and champagne showers Lil Wayne.

In the video the host begins the test by exceeding the 3.28 feet limit of the IP67 rating. He eventually increases the depth of each drop until both devices begin to malfunction at 30 feet. The Galaxy S7 stops working altogether after 35 feet, but the iPhone 7 keeps trucking on even though there is obvious water damage.

In the videos posted below, Infohut puts the iPhone 7 Plus through a water using a glass of various liquids, including hot coffee. The second video features another ocean test in Australia, and the third is iFixit's test featuring an iPhone in a fish tank for over 7 hours.

You can read more about the iPhone 7 waterproofing in iFixit's official teardown of the new device.

Don't forget, liquid damage is not covered under Apple's warranty, and the splash, water, and dust resistance can wear down over time.