iPhone 7 design confirmed in new photos [video]

iPhone 7 prototype

In just over a month, Apple is expected to launch the next chapter in iPhone history. The upcoming iPhone 7 may not be a radical redesign of the iOS device fans have come to know and love, however it will bring significant upgrades. A new collection of photos and information has leaked from the supply chain, as seen on Nowhereelse.fr. The images confirm several long-held rumors about the iPhone 7.

For one, the larger camera lens opening means an improved camera. Alongside the iPhone 7, pictured above, Apple is expected to release an iPhone 7 Plus with a dual-camera setup (not shown here). The video below shows a fully operational iPhone 7 with a camera viewfinder, powered on and running.

Otherwise, the external design is similar to the iPhone 6s, except for new antenna placement. Lightning EarPods will be packed in the box, according to this latest image leak. The removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack is confirmed, as one can clearly see the Lightning port with symmetrical speaker and microphone holes surrounding it on the bottom of the device. Does this mean the phone will be waterproof?

The iPhone 7 is rumored to ship with a darker shade of Space Gray, more in line with the coloring of the iPhone 5 and the Apple Watch. Parts leaks seem to confirm this information as well. By contrast, it's not conclusive from these photos that the home button or Touch ID sensor will be modified. Other sources have indicated that Force Touch technology may be employed to remove home button moving parts while providing haptic feedback.

When it comes to internals, DigiTimes reports that the iPhone 7 featured here will include 3GB of RAM, a bump from the current specification.

The latest rumors point to an iPhone 7 pre-order launch starting as early as Friday, September 9th, only a few short weeks away.