iOS 10.3 beta rumored to launch in January

iOS 10.3

Apple will release the first iOS 10.3 beta on January 10th, according to tipster Sonny Dickson. Little is known about the rumored update, but Dickson claims it will include a new " Theatre mode" with "popcorn-shaped Control Center icon." Dickson, who is known for his accurate sources, doesn't know what functions "Theatre" mode will provide, but some Apple fans have speculated it will be a new Night Shift-type option.

Apple recently released iOS 10.2 to the public and is currently testing iOS 10.2.1. iOS 10.2 introduce a variety of new features, including a new TV app, over 100 new emojis, new screen effects and other bug fixes, stability improvements and tweaks.

Apple will most likely roll out the first iOS 10.3 beta to developers before releasing the public beta version. iOS users with supported devices can learn how to join Apple's public beta program here. Joining the public beta not only allows you test new features before the general public, but you can also help Apple improve iOS 10.3 before it's officially released. All you need to join the public beta is a supported iOS device and working Apple ID.

Apple tested iOS 10.2 several weeks before finally releasing it on December 12, 2016. If Dickson is correct, then we may see the final version of iOS 10.3 sometime in late February or early March.